Fathi Otmani : The Breeze of Da’wah from Amsterdam

Fathi Othmani. Perhaps this name is still unfamiliar among Malaysian nasheed fans and supporters. However, this name has emerged in nasheed industry while other famous nasheed singers from Europe are still being chit-chatted. Nevertheless for this 23 years old young singer, the strong passion towards the Islamic music has driven him to be more serious in the course of Islamic entertainment which is nowadays gaining traction in Europe.

According to Fathi in an exclusive interview via email to MUNSYEED.COM, he has started his music career in hip-hop genre and actively performing in the vicinity of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

“However, after 4 years being active in this hip hop industry, my interest has developed. That was when I heard few nasheed songs and I began to have interested in nasheed genre.

Independently, Fathi began to practice singing the songs from various Nasheed artists. In the same time, his family and friends were highly impressed with his talent which gives him a brand new spirit and encourage him to keep singing nasheed songs.

“Because of that also, I have decided to leave hip hop industry, totally, and strongly focus on making
Islamic inspired music”.

Fathi recently has come out with new single, Ya Rabbi and it can be downloaded from his website. For him, he wants the listeners to embrace the music and lyrics that are delivered. Besides, for his coming album, he has written a few songs in different language including English, Arabic, Tamazight, Darija, Dutch, French, Urdu and Turkish.

According to him, he believes that nasheed not only can strongly strike someone’s emotion, but also inspired him and made him realize on the splendor and the power that they have in being able to express the beauty of Islam. He added that he hopes his humble efforts in using his talent will be a helping hand in showing the true beauty of Islam.

“I hope that my efforts in making music can bring at least a small amount of change in people’s perception about this beautiful Deen. May Allah help us stay steadfast on the path of this Deen and keep our hearts clean from syaitan’s darkness. Ameen.”

To all his fans who want to listen to his songs and get in touch with this young talented nasheed artist from Amsterdam, you may log on to http://www.fathiotmani.net/ or Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fathi-Otmani – MUNSYEED.COM

Original Source : http://munsyeed.com/v1.9/2010/12/the-breeze-of-da%E2%80%99wah-from-amsterdam/


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