Nasyid Cafe: Nasheed in Thailand.

1- I have been browsing for weeks trying to find nasheed groups from all over the world and Ahamdulillah I’ve found some from our neighbouring countries, just across the border. Thailand. Who could have thought that nasyid exists in Thailand. Well, come to think of it, Southern Thailand has always been the other half of Serambi Mekah (the porch of Mecca), an older brother to Kelantan, a Malaysian east coast state. Yes my friends, Nasyid is alive and kicking up there in Thailand.

2- The name of the first group that I stumbled upon via cruising the net was Fiklis from Narathiwat. The group was formed somewhere in the year 2004. The songs were mainly sang in Malay language with a few arabic lyrics here and there. You can try and listen to their songs on youtube. If you are too lazy just click here to listen to one of their songs.
3- The second group is Intifadah. Well you may consider them the Inteam of Thailand. Not only the group is a well actively performing nasyid group in Thailand, Intifadah have also been striving on helping other nasyid groups from other parts of Thailand to release albums and book Islamic shows for them. Alhamdulillah, Islamic Entertainment is well and kicking up there in Thailand. Intifadah got two albums under their belt. Not bad, my brothers, not bad at all. Try and take a listen to one of their song here. You can also visit their website at
4- The third group that you should check out is Raiyana. A four piece nasyid group under the wings of Intifadah. Beside some short info on their album on Intifadah’s website, it was unfortunate that there is nothing on the net on the group.
5- I hope I can see more nasyid group from that region in the future Insya Allah. I will try browse for more new unknown nasyid group from countries you never thought nasyid would exist.

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Nasyid Cafe: Nasheed in Thailand.


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