Nasyid Cafe: Salaam Bollywood.

1- I was messaging with Bro Zaidi Rustam from the nasyid group Wildan via Facebook the other day asking him whether would he like to do a feature interview for Nasyid Cafe, for the new interview segment that I am planning to do. While his answer for the interview was of the positive, his mentioning of this new project group called Salaam got me pretty excited.

2- Salaam is an all star super project group consisting the members of Wildan and Far East, two well established nasyid groups from Malaysia. The star studded line up consist of Bro Zaidi Rustam himself from the group Wildan, Fadzli Abu Bakar and Azwan Ibrahim from the group Far East and Mu’adz Dzulkefly (formerly from the now disbanded nasheed Acappella group Al Masaar and was also my senior in the University) a thriving solo act with an album under his belt.

3- According to Bro Zaidi, the group have managed to record 7 songs for a special album project that will be launched in Chennai, India. I was also informed that even though all the songs were composed locally, the music arrangements were done in India. That would be something to look forward to.

4- The group, as I was told, is preparing for their world tour which was called Passage through India in order to promote the soon to be released album. Congratulations and good luck my friends, Insya Allah. Maybe I will ask Bro Zaidi to elaborate more on the project himself when I interview him for Nasyid Cafe. Insya Allah.

See original here:
Nasyid Cafe: Salaam Bollywood.


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