Nasyid Cafe: Underground Nasheed Gig.

1- There are like dozens of new (and old alike) and talented nasheed groups out there waiting to be discovered. I witnessed more than a few of them at an event called Underground Nasheed Gig organized by a group of young nasheed enthusiasts around Klang Valley.

2- I think I have went to such event twice. The respond from the crowd was overwhelming in my honest opinion and I sincerely hope that the people behind the event would continue doing the gig on a monthly basis. Why? Because the event gave a new platform for these new undiscovered Nasheed groups to showcase their talents.

3- It is good to know and learn that there were a few established Nasheed groups supported the events by doing free performances and showing up at the event. Mirwana and Wildan were among the groups who were kind enough to attend and perform at the event. More groups should show their support by attending the events.

4- If there are any more these gigs, I will surely be informing you guys and I hope you will try and make yourself free to attend to the event. It is just this time around I hope the organizers can find a better and suitable place to hold the event. The venue was too small, crowded and uncomfortable especially if you have female attendees.

Visit link:

Nasyid Cafe: Underground Nasheed Gig.


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