Nasyid Group Does Not Have Bersongkok

SINCE Raihan appeared to them titled debut album Praise in 1997, the local music industry saw the emergence of many contemporary nasyid group with them.

Most of the nasyid group appeared not only in terms of music channels that are aligned with Raihan, but their appearance is almost the same as bersongkok and uniform.

However, after 13 years, the appearance and image of the nasyid group has now changed – along with the times, including no longer bersongkok or robe.

New nasyid group, for example Castury come up with a contemporary image and the image does not proceed as customary bersongkok nasyid groups during the era more than a decade ago.

A member of the trio, Mohd. Hafiz Abd. Hamid, 37, said, nasyid group has grown and they no longer identified through the regular bersongkok image.

“Not necessarily if you sing the songs of each group nasyid nasyid is due bersongkok. Now, an increasing number of groups or singers are not bersongkok nasyid as international artists, Maher Zain.

“What’s important we look neat and proper and lyrics of songs we are positive, including the divinity or humanity,” he said when met at Hits Kuala Lumpur recently.

According to Mohd. Hafiz, he hoped that the image looks more modern members of the group include styling the latest fashions are expected to attract the attention of youngsters.

In fact, he said, Castury not only want to attract more fans nasyid rhythm but also the opportunity for fans of other genres of music to appreciate the songs they sing.

“If possible we want to draw attention to non-fans to buy and nasyid songs we hear. What’s more, our songs are also quite modern, and to the concept of world music.

“But in terms of lyrics, he remains positive that by displaying the lyrics and the theme of divine humanity that is not in the habit of running out of songs from the first nasyid until now,” he said.

Besides Mohd. Hafiz, Castury also comprises Mohd. Fetri Hussin, 26, and Mohammad Azim Mohd. Salleh, 22, was also invited Ayati Tasrip, pop era of the 1980s sang the song Reminded Manners.

Clearly, Mohd. Hafiz, the indirect approach will give variations as well as be able to attract more fans.

“Not only that, but it will attract the attention of fans, known for its stability Ayati vocal to have our album.

“Besides, we also sing with a member of nasyid group Azwan Far East through the song Lean On Hope. The Far East fans might also hear our songs,” he said.

Heavenly Fragrance Seharum Kasturi contains seven songs that use new approaches in album sales, including marketing on the Internet.

Album issue Allkind Music Entertainment is priced at RM21.90 was heavily promoted in websites nasyid music in the rapidly expanding Internet.

“Right now the website on the Internet we have a lot of sites that support nasyid rhythm, for example sites that promote and comment our album for free.

“Indirectly, it will help further sales of this album than it is openly marketed by Universal Music Sdn. Bhd. Since 18 November last year,” he said.

Six songs are included in the album titled Heavenly Fragrance Seharum Kasturi Kasturi Star You, Just Waiting Pasrah, Backup Hope, Ordinary Life, Manners and Only Reminded Pasrah Waiting


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